EVO X Dog Box

Sheptrans/PPG have been teamed up for many years to provide the best available gearbox for your vehicle!

This is a racing dog box transmission for the EVO X which is available in 5-speedĀ  configurations.

This straight cut dog engagement gear set has already proven itself in the rally motorsport scene, achieving many Rally wins in and around Europe, it also helped to propel ACP Racing to overall victory in the 2009 North American Rally Championship. Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes also gained a seventh FIA Asia Pacific rally championship win for PPG ,with MRF's Katsu Taguchi collecting the honors in his EVO 10.

The strengthened gear set is a direct replacement of the OEM gear set and includes upgraded billet selector forks, and Final Drive with two ratio options available. 4.307 or 4.142

Ratios: 3.000 / 2.000 / 1.470 / 1.136 / 0.893

Price: $10,622.00

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