NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R R32 R33 Transfer Case Rebuild

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A commonly overlooked and misunderstood component is the transfer case. It is the muscle behind all the magic that is ATTESA AWD. The center diff is a plated style unit that is controlled hydraulically via input from various sensors on the car.  The individual plates can wear over time and demand. Similar tech to a main clutch, it's main job is to make the transition between power on/off smooth and effective. The stock configuration will err on the side of comfort over absolute performance. Comfort usually means slippage and heat.

Slippage and heat kills fibers, the transfer case is comprised of wearable material. Keeping this in mind and coupling with the fact the stock transfer cases have a plate arrangement that isn't conducive to power holding capabilities.

Your Transfer Case will be completely disassembled, cleaned, & inspected for possible wear or damage. Once verified that all parts meet our specs, we will assemble your transfer case with the following:

  • New seals and o-rings
  • Proper clutch stack adjustment including replacement of driveshaft thrust washers
  • Bead blast and paint

Option - $60 10 plate upgrade(3 new plates)
Option - $200 10 plate upgrade(10 new plates)
Option - $599 Full-Race ETS Pro Torque Split Controller

Price: $400.00

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